Katy Perry, Actress: Her Top 6 TV Roles Before ‘Part Of Me 3-D’

Katy Perry‘s big-screen spectacular Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3-D recounts her unlikely rise to pop music success and showcases the elaborate production of her live shows. But the superstar California girl has quietly been developing her chops beyond music: so far, she’s acted in sitcoms, held her composure Saturday Night Live skits, voiced a Smurf and made one of the more notorious guest appearances in Sesame Street history. Click through our gallery of her best TV appearances, and relive her highlights in the links below.

Katy Perry on How I Met Your MotherKaty Perry on Saturday Night LiveKaty Perry on Sesame StreetKaty Perry in The SmurfsKaty Perry in Raising HopeKaty Perry on The Simpsons

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