Nicki Minaj Tells Power 105 That “Starships” Wasn’t On Her Summer Jam Setlist

The Nicki Minaj/Summer Jam saga continues, as the raptstress called New York City radio station Power 105 this morning and said during her interview that she wasn’t even going to perform “Starships” at the event. On the surface, the song is the cause of the drama, as Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg dissed the Minaj hit for not being “real hip hop” on stage at Summer Jam, hours before Nicki was to do her set on Sunday.

“You wanna know what’s the funniest thing? After all this has been said and done, I wasn’t gonna do ‘Starships’,” Minaj told the station. “And I think people know that. I’m way smarter than that. I know what people wanted to see.”

Nicki went on to say that she had a great show planned for the event, which was to include guests Cam’ron, Foxy Brown and Nas. “Even artists that were on my set were asked to perform,” Minaj said during her interview. “And they said, if Nicki’s not on that stage, I’m not on that stage. And we gonna ride out on loyalty tonight.”

The female rapper then put to rest the rumor that she had planned to depict a funeral with a Lil’ Kim lookalike laying in a coffin during Summer Fest. “I don’t even want you to finish that sentence, because that’s not in my character, and that’s ridiculous,” Nicki said. She then planted tongue in cheek and added, “Let’s stop with all the rumors that are giving people false hope that they’re relevant.”

Nicki also reiterated her point from her Hot 97 interview with Funkmaster Flex last night: “I’m not using the female card — I am a female. It is what it is. Like I said last night, you should think about that before you attack the only woman on the bill. Something should have kicked in and said, you know what — wow, this girl, I may not like one or two songs, but she is holding it down for every woman in hip hop right now at this moment.”

Minaj stated that she plans to make up her Summer Jam cancellation to her fans by staging a free concert at some point. “This was actually [Lil] Wayne’s suggestion,” she noted. “Wayne was like, we’re gonna do our own show for the people, you don’t have to feel bad. Because obviously I feel bad.”

Do you agree that Peter Rosenberg should have checked his opinions at the door, given that Nicki was the only female headliner on the bill at Summer Jam? Let us know your thoughts below, or by hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook.