Peter Rosenberg “Will Never Apologize” For Nicki Minaj Summer Jam Diss

Jun 5th, 2012 // 5 Comments
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Nicki Minaj spat with radio powerhouse Hot 97 is only becoming more venomous. After Nicki called into Funkmaster Flex‘s radio show to explain her reasons for pulling out of Summer Jam, the DJ who dissed Minaj originally is weighing in once again. ”I need it be clear — I gave an opinion on a song,” said Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg, whose comments at the New York fest ignited the dispute. ”And Nicki Minaj and [her label] Young Money decided to skip Summer Jam. Because of an opinion, not a personal attack, nothing derogatory because she’s a woman.”

The controversy began when Rosenberg criticized Minaj’s single “Starships” at the music festival. “I know there are some chicks in here waiting to sing along with ‘Starships’ later,” he said to the crowd. ”I’m not talking to y’all now. Fuck that bullshit. I’m here to talk about real hip hop shit.” The diss resulted in Lil Wayne pulling his entire Young Money roster off the lineup at the last minute, including Minaj, the night’s headliner.

On the heels of Minaj’s tense conversation with Funkmaster Flex, Rosenberg offered no quarter. In fact, he dinged the song again on Tuesday (June 5), calling it “girly-ass dance-pop” and suggested that Minaj’s camp overreacted.

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“That’s why music is so mediocre nowadays, because no one can give opinions,” says Rosenberg. “If you give an opinion, cats hate you, their crew skips your concert, they diss you on twitter, their boyfriends threaten to punch you in the face.” (Rosenberg is referencing Nicki’s boyfriend, Safaree ”SB” Samuels, who tweeted a profanity-laden threat that he would punch Rosenberg at Summer Jam.)

“Nicki’s boyfriend went on Twitter and said he was going to punch me in tbe face because I don’t like a pop dance song that his girlfriend made,” he says. ”My fans — and by that I mean, not fans of me, fans of real hip-hop, appreciated what I said… The world is not just Barbz. The world is not just 16-year-old girls. There are a lot of people out there who feel that they don’t like music like that. Not all of her music, the song that I specifically referenced.”

“She’s had a lot of good moments. ‘Starships’ ain’t one of them, and it represents the opposite of real hip-hop,” he adds.

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“Regardless of whether the time was good or not, the fact that she then pulled out and Young Money pulled out, means I will never apologize for that. Never.”

We have a feeling this beef is far from over. Who’s on the wrong side: Nicki and Young Money, for pulling out of a show based on a DJ’s insult? Or Rosenberg, for blasting the headliner of his radio show’s summer showcase? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

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  1. Yeah

    I’m glad someone finally took a stand for real hip hop. This has long been over due. Who cares what opinions (even though its true) have been expressed. If Nicki was that confident in her abilities she would of performed and shown the world so could hold weight. Instead she runs. I just hope more people start calling out these wack, 106 and park artist.

  2. Cesar

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  3. dtf

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  4. IDGAF

    nicki minaj failed….nuf said lmaoooo

  5. Boxingbeaver

    She is an insult to hip-hop. She needs to open her eyes and realize what she is doing, she is making hip-hop seem like a joke!

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