Dr. Luke Releases A Snippet Of A New Ke$ha Song: Listen

Now that Dr. Luke has parted ways with Katy Perry (sniffle), he can focus all his energy on bringing Ke$ha back to the top of the charts. The hitmaking producer uploaded a 40-second snippet of a new track from the glitter maven, a ravey number under the title “Super” that may or may not be included on the singer’s new album, which is due sometime this year. Indulge your appetite for more Ke$ha truffles by listening below!

“When you take my body to the stars / I believe it / Boy, this love is supernatural / Can you feel it?” sings K-Dolla on the synth-aided call to the dancefloor.

Though Ke$ha claimed she was diving into a brand new genre of music with her next album — the charmingly-named “cock pop” — we think this tune sounds pretty much like anything off Cannibal. (Or rather, any of the remixed tracks on I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance.) We’re a little disappointed “Super” sounds a little too much like the same old stuff, particularly since her vulnerable turn on Bob Dylan cover “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” and her ferocious guest features on tracks by The Flaming Lips and Alice Cooper had us ready to hear a different side of the pop star.

Thankfully, drag queen ode “Pretty Lady” and Blur-sampling “Woo Hoo” sound promising, as does a collab with rock icon Iggy Pop. So we’ll reserve judgement until we get a few more snippets of what’s to come. So keep ’em comin’, Dr. Luke!

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