Katy Perry And Cheryl Cole Discuss Man Troubles On ‘Graham Norton’

Graham Norton is well-known for getting celebrities to loosen up and discuss matters more candidly than they might with, say, Ryan Seacrest or Jay Leno, which is why we’re always eager to see what he’ll get out of our faves for UK TV. This week, Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry dropped by his gaudy-hued set to dish on the very public troubles they have with a certain Mr. Cowell and Mr. Brand, respectively. Watch the chatfest above and below.

Cheryl hilariously recounts the revenges she exacted on her former X Factor costar (involving such heavy artillery as planes and explosives), while Katy’s a bit more reticent about how her music reflects the drama of her love life. “That song is about the realization of reality, and coming down from a high,” she tells Norton of the single “Wide Awake.” “Because I’ve had too much sugar last year!”

Katy Perry & Cheryl Cole on The Graham Norton Show

Though Katy’s method of using her music to express her feelings may be healthy, we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t be more amused if she followed Cheryl’s lead and hired a plane to circle Russel Brand’s place blasting “Part Of Me.” But that’s just us.