Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’: Preview The Album

Jun 11th, 2012 // 2 Comments
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We’re but a week away from the release of Justin Bieber‘s Believe, but you can get the party started early by sampling all of The Biebs’ new songs on a 6-minute album sampler. As we’ve already heard “Boyfriend”, “All Around The World” and “Die In Your Arms”, those were left off the sampler, which instead offers brief listens of the rest of his Believe tunes. And for those non-Beliebers, you may still want to give it a chance: the tracks on this versatile LP range from R&B to pop to dance, bangers to ballads, and there’s even a “Bille Jean”-esque number based off Mariah Yeater, the young woman who insisted Justin had fathered her son. (For those out of the loop: he had not.) Check them all out below.

Justin Bieber – Believe album sampler

The songs in this album sampler, in order:

“As Long As You Love Me” featuring Big Sean
“Take You”
“Right Here” featuring Drake
“Catching Feelings”
“Thought Of You”
“Beauty And The Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj
“One Love”
“Be Alright”
“Out Of Town Girl”*
“She Don’t Like The Lights”*

*Deluxe Edition

Get the full lyrics to the album over at Directlyrics.

Justin Bieber’s Believe is out June 19. Will you be picking it up?


  1. Naomi

    Every track sounds the same though. It sounds so overproduced. Also, it lacks originality. Not surprised though because he’s so manufactured.

  2. Same music. Different singer.

    Love the Maria song. That’s the most original thing on this.

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