BET Awards 2012: Usher, Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj To Perform

Usher,  Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj will take the stage at the 2012 BET Awards. All three artists are also up for awards in multiple categories, though Beyonce and Kanye West can boast the most noms this year (six and seven, respectively). The 2012 BET Awards will take place on July 1 at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium. You can catch the telecast on BET at 8 p.m. EST.

Who do you think will bring the best performance at this year’s BET Awards? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

  • Derrick

    Chris will have the best performance hands down. He’s like the male Beyonce, the new Michael Jackson. Usher can’t bring that kind of energy. Nicki is gonna be too dramatic like always. No one likes her anymore and BET is doing everything they can to help her but she’s just not relevant anymore, they would much rather see Lil Kim.

    • Zoolander

      Dude… Nicki is bigger than she’s ever been right now, I don’t see how she’s lost any appeal if anything she’s gained loads more. Starships has been in the Top 10 charts longer than her previous biggest hit Super Bass and her new number one album has been number one on the rap and hip hop charts for eight weeks and is still at number one.

      I don’t see how you can say Chris will have the best performance, all he does is dance and lip sync his performances at least Usher sings AND dances… Chris used to be an amazing performers now it’s just all flashy stuff and dance moves.

  • ririina

    nicki’re much more beautiful the more I hope that other bejsh a videoclip with rihannen

  • ririina

    chris brown no carrier Chart is not no lie