Madonna Bares Her Behind To Rome

She's Not Sorry
Madonna Got Back
Madonna‘s still not sorry for flashing Istanbul — in fact, she’s decided to continue baring various parts of her bod during the “Human Nature” portion of her MDNA tour. However, when Madge wanted to give Rome an eyeful last night (June 12), it was of her bottom instead of her breast. The pop icon pulled down her pants and showed all of Italy where the sun don’t shine. Don’t worry, Lourdes — Mommy still had on a thong and pantyhose.

We have to wonder what body parts will be left for the “Girl Gone Wild” to show on the upcoming stops of her world tour. You know what? We know better then to ask questions we don’t want to know the answers to.

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  • Rob Williams

    Madge… vag… I think we know what’s next.

  • Christopher Koulouris

    It seems the controversy over Madonna’s antics are hardly going to go away but then again how many performers who have been in the business for over 30 years could proudly say that? Congratulations Madonna you have once again single handedly ensured your relevancy, tasteful or not…