B.o.B’s “Ray Bands” Video: Watch

B.o.B first gave us a song about airplanes, and now the Atlanta rapper is offering up an ode to another inanimate object — his sunglasses. In the vid for “Ray Bands”, the next single off his new album Strange Clouds, Bobby Ray employs the standard tropes for hip-hop vids — fancy cars, hot babe backup dancers, a club atmosphere, flashing lights, dutch angles and some sort of vague narrative filmed in slow-mo. The thing you’ll take away most from this video are the MC’s own pair of specs, encrusted with what appear to be diamonds. Hopefully he refrains from driving with them on.

“After Strange Clouds, Imma drop my rock album,” B.o.B says in his single. Eh, that didn’t work out too well for Cudi. You just keep doing you, Bobby.