Lady Gaga Hurt Thailand’s Feelings

Another day, another Lady Gaga controversy. Mother Monster’s Born This Way Ball has caused all kinds of stirs throughout Asia, where her risque performances don’t always go over so well with a more conservative government. Today, that resulted in a formal complaint from Thailand’s culture ministry, which claims that her Bangkok performance — which featured a bikini-clad Gaga wearing a traditional Thai headdress, riding a motorcycle with a Thai flag attached — “hurt the feelings of the Thai people.”

This, of course, comes after protests have been staged in many Asian cities to rally against the freedom-celebrating Born This Way Ball, including threats of violence that led to the cancellation of a Jakarta show. Fortunately, the Thailand government is not pursuing any legal action.

Personally, we think they should just be grateful she didn’t perform in an outfit made entirely of pad thai.

(Image via Getty.)