Cheryl Cole Is A “Ghetto Baby” In New Lana Del Rey-Penned Song

When we think of ghetto babies, neither Lana Del Rey nor Cheryl Cole comes to mind, but both posh ladies are involved in the new track “Ghetto Baby,” which leaked (along with many other tracks) from Cole’s upcoming A Million Lights. The tune was penned by a certain notorious Saturday Night Live performer, and you can tell — it’s got her signature understated melody and come-hither sexiness, and the laid-back beat is perfect to twirl to. But is it right for Cheryl Cole?

Our verdict: not really! It sounds so much like a Lana Del Rey cut that we just can’t help but feel that Lana herself should be singing it. (Not that it’d be particularly memorable from her, either.) Cheryl’s voice isn’t “ghetto” (or babyish) enough to pull off these lyrics — and love her or hate her, Lana’s voice is distinctive enough to at least make you take notice. Not to mention the most ghetto thing about this song is the dated “Drop It Like It’s Hot” reference.

Nor can we abide the “Drop Dead (Beautiful)” rip-off lyric “I know you’re sick, boy, I wanna get the flu.” If you ask us, Britney Spears owes Cheryl a big “Screw You.”