Drake Sets History Back On Course By Redoing Summer Jam In New York

We may never know what the world would be like had DJ Peter Rosenberg not uttered his history-altering dis of Nicki Minaj‘s “Starships,” a song which evidently was not meant to fly at Summer Jam this year. But we do apparently live in a world where Drake can swoop in to right even the most earth-shattering evils, so there’s that. Following Young Money’s abrupt exit from the music fest, Drizzy has taken the opportunity to use his own tour as a redo that sets things right again, featuring “everybody that you want to see, plus people you wouldn’t expect to see.” Does that include Roman’s ultra-sensitive alter ego herself?

No official word yet, but we’ll have the answer on Sunday, when Drake’s Club Paradise Tour makes its Jones Beach stop and becomes the Summer Jam that never was.