Eve Goes Back To Her Roots In ‘Reebok Classics’ Doc

Where has Eve been? Let us retroactively add the rapstress to our list of artists we demand new music from who have been off our radar for far too long. The new entry in Reebok Classics‘ documentary series follows the “Nothing To Say” singer from a tenacious young Philadelphia girl to a mega-star in the hip hop world, with interviews with her family members and other major names in the rap world. It also depicts her returning to her high school to perform and watch others perform.

Of particular interest are her thoughts on going pop for the classic Gwen Stefani collaboration “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” a track that has aged like a fine wine (not true of many other songs circa 2001): “I hate that word ‘pop,’ but I gained some new fans, it opened doors for me. So it was a good thing.” Well, we’ll just pretend we didn’t hear that first part.