Katy Perry Is Poppin’ In New ‘Part Of Me’ Movie Poster

Jun 18th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Katy Perry Part Of Me popcorn movie poster main

In a mere two-and-a-half weeks, Katy Perry fans, you’ll get an up-close look at the singer’s real-life exploits over the previous couple of years — including her marriage to and separation from UK comedian Russell Brand, globe-trotting tour and success with hits like “Teenage Dream” and “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” — via her 3D Part Of Me movie, which hits theaters on July 5. Will it be a satisfying, tried-and-true summer popcorn experience? The latest poster for the flick, which finds a purple-haired Perry peeking through heart-shaped sunglasses while wading through a sea of the crunchy movie confection, at least seems to indicate so. Dig in!


  1. I am excited to see my one-time student telling her story on the silver screen.

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