Carrie Underwood Slammed By Conservative Fans For Supporting Gay Marriage

From Jay-Z and T.I. to Adam Levine and Lady Gaga, there have been numerous artists who have stood up in support of making same-sex marriage legal. So when American Idol alum Carrie Underwood expressed her support for gay marriage in an interview with UK newspaper, The Independent, it didn’t seem like it would be much of a surprise, right? Wrong! When her conservative fans discovered the news, they took to the internet to criticize the “Blown Away” singer for her stance on the issue.

“@carrieunderwood Is a disgrace. Being vegan and supporting gay marriage doesn’t seem very country at all,” one tweeted.

“Jesus just let go of the wheel,” another said referring to Underwood’s song “Jesus, Take the Wheel.”

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  • Andy

    People that actively attack homosexuality and the people that support it are the ones with the problems. How dare they denounce the rights of another human being based on something as arbitrary and uncontrollable as sexuality. Carrie did a wonderful thing by embracing equal rights, and I only respect her more for it.

  • cantbelieveit

    Don’t quote the Bible, and put Jesus in your songs and refer to God in your Thank you speeches and then go against all that is written in Black and White in the BIBLE!

    Lost all Respect for her…..

    • meagan

      the bible is nothing but an opinion. the bible is not based on facts, but rather the point of view of the person who wrote it. jesus, God, and the bible can be whatever you want it to be.

    • Bree

      Then you are a hypocrite yourself. The Bible says Thou Shall Love Thy Neighbor, Mark 12:31. By showing her support of gay marriage, she’s proving that she is God’s child by loving someone even if their beliefs might differ from her. You however, are sinning by saying the things you did. Think about it that way, you aren’t loving your neighbor, thus you just committed a sin in God’s eyes! – “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.” – Leviticus 19:18. ” The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[a] There is no commandment greater than these.” – Mark 12:31

  • R.T.

    It seem Carrie has lose some of her main fan base, but she obviously will gained new fans!! Good for her! Speak from the heart, Carrie!

  • Steven

    OK so she believes in Equal Marriage. Yes it is a sin in the bible but so is going on a gossip website reading all the crap and i bet going to your friends in conversation and making nasty comments about her. dont say you havent. You are on this website to put your two cents in about what she shouldnt do. come on. She is human. She is kind hearted and has always been very religous. What if she has a gay family member? She cant love him because he is gay? This is a tough subject especially if you have a relative who is. You just want everyone to be happy.
    You should want to open the church doors to gay people not shut the doors and not allow them in. give me a break.

  • kitty

    BLOG: Underwood isn’t the first Okie country star to back gay rights.

  • Judy

    I feel that Carrie did the right thing. She is a very religious girl, and she and Mike are very happy, but I a quite sure that Carrie is the type that feels everyone has a right to their own life. They are not bothering her and her happy marriage. Had she said she was against gay rights and marriage, there is no telling what kind of backlash she would have gotten. Actually, I feel that the person that interviewed her should not have even asked a question like that. That is just too touchy of a subject with so many people. As long as they are not affecting her life, or mine then who are we to be against gay people!!!! Leave Carrie alone!! She is a wonderful Christian person.

  • Faith

    I don’t see how being a vegan isn’t ‘country’ Emmylou Harris was a vegetarian so are people going to start saying she wasn’t country? As for her supporting equal rights, she is non-pro judgment which is something a REAL Christian would always take into consideration. If you dont believe that than you should believe that God forgives so even if you don’t like Carrie anymore, which is pathetic, that doesn’t mean you should be leaving hate comments. Jesus needs to take the wheel in some of your lives.

  • Jerry Howe

    Being vegan and supporting gay rights may not be very country by today’s standards – but she is being a pioneer by raising the bar higher..
    All the power to you girl !

    A straight male.

  • Tonya

    I have to agree with people rebelling against same sex marriage. Sam sex marriage is WRONG. Because God made sex for man and woman not for the same sex. People who have a problem with this are shutting the bible and becoming a disgrace in this world. I do believe we should all be happy but not for the same sex. Gays and Lesbians should watch thier backs because there alot of people waiting to track them all down and kill them.

  • Appreciating Life

    Carrie shouldnt be gettin any hate for this!! What she said was 100% right & True! We shouldnt judge eachother. I have gay friends and Gay family members! We Live in Kansas, thad to move, because they cant gt married her legally yet! It’s not fair to them! Honestly i think God Loves Everyone! No Matter who they are, who they love, What they wanna wear, what they wanna eat!! He Loves us no matter what! If you are gonna say Marrige Equality’s Wrong! Hell.I live in Topeka, Kansas, come here and join the WBC -Phelps! The people who stand on he street Corner saying god hates gays and everybody else! Go join them, because your acting and being just as hateful as them!