This Grown Man Has 15 Tattoos Of Miley Cyrus

Jun 19th, 2012 // 3 Comments
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No, you’re not looking at Rihanna‘s latest tattoo. This unflattering depiction of Miley Cyrus has been tattooed on a full-grown man, and it’s only one of 15 tattoos he has of the pop star. In addition to this questionable likeness of the recently engaged singer, he also has Miley’s autograph, her name, her song lyrics and song titles inked in various parts around his body.

The man’s Twitter profile @MileyCyrusCarl is pretty much Miley-specific, and every photo on his page is either of his tattoos or of Miley, from present day dating back to her as a toddler. (Nothing creepy at all here!) “Miley Cyrus u are a Miracle,” he writes. “I love u so much x nobody is more beautiful & talented & sexy as u. I have 15 tattoos of u! There’s an Angel in LA.” And there’s also a restraining order on the way, we bet. [Via Buzzfeed]


  1. Aub

    ok that is Is soooo wrong and scary. One tattoo of her is ok but 15!! Has anyone maybe wondered if he had some problems…. he’s obviously being a creeper.

    • The fukk

      One is okay O.o ??? How about none what so ever are okay, getting a tattoo of someone you don’t know or have never met is plain out creepy.

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