B.o.B & Taylor Swift Get Attacked By Insects In “Both Of Us” Behind-The-Scenes

Taylor Swift and B.o.B. buddy up in the video for “Both Of Us”, the third single from the Atlanta rapper’s album Strange Clouds. According to the clip’s behind-the-scenes, the concept for the video is described as “a collage of different aspects of humanity”, which takes Tay and Bobby Ray to a bunch of different locations, including a smoky billiards room and the woods of Nashville, where the cast and crew was constantly under threat of a bug attack.

At one point during their outdoor shoot, Swift sees a giant spider crawling along Bobby Ray’s shoulder. “I saved his life for pointing it out,” said Taylor. “I’ll do the same for you!” replies B.o.B, who had to practically bathe in bug spray while filming. Considering the video’s director boasted a giant red bite on his abdomen, we say the two of them got off easy.