Madonna Takes A Drive Through Florence During “Turn Up The Radio” Video Shoot

madonna florence
Madge Drives Through Florence
Yesterday we saw Madonna showing off her gams while filming her video for “Turn Up The Radio” in Italy, and today comes a bit more footage from the Florence shoot. We see Madonna (wearing tons of tight black) getting into a car, Madonna getting out of a car, Madonna clapping her hands while singing to the crowd in a car, and other car-related activities. If there’s any dancing in this dance song, we don’t see any of it (save for what appears to be a dance circle formed in the middle of a street).

Is this lazy car ride through Florence what you imagined when you first heard the MDNA track? What do you wish had been the concept for the video? Let us know in the comments.

  • jmgonzales

    was expecting another kind of treatment – where its about a younger couple — and in the end, it’s actually an older couple surviving decades of a relationship — just like Madge with her fans. That’s the only time Madge magically appears to join all of them:D