RAC And Penguin Prison’s “Hollywood” Video Stars A Lonely Cowboy And Rose McGowan

RAC Penguin Prison Hollywood Rose McGowan video
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With Penguin Prison‘s tour with Class Actress and his gig at Bonnaroo now behind him, the electro-pop artist has cropped up once more, this time in the video for RAC‘s “Hollywood”. Penguin Prison — aka Chris Glover — contributes vocals to the first-ever single by remixer RACand in the vid, a cowboy from the 1850s gets dropped into modern-day Los Angeles. He wanders around one lonely night in L.A. until he meets up with a smitten Rose McGowan, who decides to hop onto this time traveler’s horse and see where they wind up together.

Added bonus: “Hollywood” is available as a free download from Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound.