Cobra Starship Has A True Romance With My Name Is Kay In “#1Nite” Video

Jun 23rd, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Cobra Flips The Bird
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“You’re so cool!” is the iconic line Patricia Arquette uses to profess her devotion to Christian Slater in the Quentin Tarantino-penned 90′s flick True Romance, and you can bet that’s the same reaction Cobra Starship and My Name Is Kay were aiming for when they decided to ape the movie in their video for the unnecessarily-hashtagged track “#1Nite.”

Despite those cinematic ambitions, “#1Nite” is a pretty light romp through Las Vegas which leaves True Romance‘s violent conclusion on the cutting room floor in favor of the usual partying, gambling, and ketchup-squirting. So, really, it was probably just frontman Gabe Saporta‘s excuse to dress like Christian Slater circa 1993 and not get beat up for it.


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    love is letter always inspires us to love.this picture try to say lovrly romance.

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