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  • Todd Schockemoehl

    Am I the only one that still thinks a new Spice Girl CD and Album is just what the pop world called for? Also no more without Ginger reboot…hollar was a decent single but not what it should and could have been with the whole group put together. Spice Girls may have been a short term phenomenom but it was due to production, people who set the group up, and marketing… the group wasnt ready for the success they recieved and werent prepared for the stress it put on them individually and how it would effect them as a group when they first started. The label and public broke this group apart.. if they knew each other all from childhood it would have helped them deal with all the pressure, stay together, and see success no on and individual level but as an allstar group of talent in every part of music they needed. All these girls are talented… they aren’t hacks… they just each have a unique voice perfect for harmonization and without the full group … they all suffer. Glad your reuniting… why not put out an album not preproduced but one ya’ll pick out the singles you each get a turn shining in and become what you once were. 5 individuals all gleaming the limelight without a worry of who will come ahead… and more worried on how ya’ll are percepted. We miss you Spice Girls…