Green Day Unveils ‘¡Uno!’ Tracklist

Jun 26th, 2012 // Comment
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Green Day's uno!
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If you thought the rock-operatic American Idiot was ambitious, Green Day is upping the ante Robyn-style by unleashing three new albums consecutively. The first is ¡Uno!, featuring the lead single “Oh Love.” (And you don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to guess what the next two albums are titled.) Aside from the album title, there appear to be no tracks en Español on ¡Uno! — but hey, “Carpe Diem” is Latin! The band recently tweeted that the album was finished, along with this photo of the completed trilogy. Now check out the tracklist below.

1. Nuclear Family
2. Stay The Night
3. Carpe Diem
4. Let Yourself Go
5. Kill The DJ
6. Fell For You
7. Loss Of Control
8. Troublemaker
9. Angel Blue
10. Sweet 16
11. Rusty James
12. Oh Love

¡Uno! is due September 25.


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