LMFAO Enlist Jimmy Fallon For “The Spin Bike Song”: Watch Their Hot Workout Video

Jun 28th, 2012 // Comment
LMFAO Jimmy Fallon The Spin Bike Song video
No Pain, No Gain, Fools!
Paris & LMFAO
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Face it, having a gut in the summertime is not sexy, and you know it. Luckily, it’s LMFAO and Jimmy Fallon to the rescue, with their new trashola exercise dance jam “The Spin Bike Song”. But wait — where’s Jimmy in the above clip? Hint: he’s not in the middle. Fallon’s on the right, wearing RedFoo’s afro (rather well, we might add), and spitting such dope rhymes as “there’s one thing that I wanna say, my favorite book is Fifty Shades Of Grey,” and “I really like the band One Direction, these pants make it hard to hide an erection!” Aw, yeah — work that ass, baby.

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