Lady Gaga Appears Nude In New Shoot By Inez & Vinoodh For ‘V Magazine’: See A Photo

We've Never Seen A Monster Paw *There* Before!
Children, cover eyes! And, adults — what you’re about to see below is totally NSFW. (So TGISaturday!) There are about 4,000 exploding Little Monsters on Twitter at the moment, given that a photo leaked today (July 20) featuring a buck naked Lady Gaga with wig blown out and hands covering her breasts and, um, “little monster.”

Shortly after the leak, Photographers Inez & Vinoodh posted the photo on Tumblr, confirming that the pic of Mother Monster in her birthday suit is indeed real: “Get ready world for our pics of @ladygaga for @vmagazine !kisses iv #artpop”

One week ago Gaga announced that her upcoming third album ARTPOP will be released on November 11, with the first single set to arrive on August 19. But ahead of all that, let’s get to what you’re really here to see, which is Gaga letting her God-given assets hang out. Catch the really, truly NSFW image below.

lady gaga nude naked v magazine artpop 2013 full size

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s latest modest work of art? Let us know your thoughts on the photo below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

  • dan

    I like it. It’s a touch of weird and not all freaky caked on makeup for the sake of just being “Gaga”.

    • Jona

      Best nipples you ever’ve seen!Follow link below!
      Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..
      the other shots only here!

  • Rockn

    One of her best so far,way better then all that makeup

  • carlos

    OMG there’s a teaser of something (I think it’s from the music video, but who knows).

  • riaan

    i just like to say, nice!!!! and love your style

  • Lucy McFadden


    • Simon

      Don’t be jealous because Gaga is successful rich & loved by over 100 million people worldwide!!!!!!!!

      • JHN

        They are probably really too Simon!

    • john

      you threw up in your mouth cause you ugly bitch and you wish you had the life of Gaga

  • Omri

    where’s your stache? can you move your hand?

  • levi

    not a good look but love the Lorde inspired hair doo

  • blaackeagle

    She looks ridiculous – her eye, her mouth, teeth, scary white skin, wig, look in an eye. She’s trying find herself, own style – not this time, don’t copy Madonna, please.
    Yes, Gaga is specific each time, and it’s hilarious too.
    Well, it doesn’t stay in minds for long time. It works in getting attention. Ha

    • smudgemonster

      she’s the most influential superstar of her generation. You’re nobody. Fact.

      • blaackeagle

        Let her be. I am me. Calm, boy, calm. Paws up and live your life without negativity. Peace

    • JHN

      If she really is a copy of Madonna, then really she is just a copy of Maralyn, just like Madonna is a copy of her. Don’t go around thinking Madonna is original, because she isn’t.

      • blaackeagle

        Madonna is Madonna. Gaga is a young lady making her “first” steps in music industry. If she’s compared to Madge then she’s a lucky girl. That’s it.

      • Ariel Echeverria

        yeah a copy of marilyn, cause marilyn did all the things madonna has done, and all the image changes, the sex/religion thing, the masochism, the music, the attitute etc.

  • Britney Lover

    So this era she transformed herself into Annalynne McCord…

  • AmbientLight

    Gotta admit, never been much of a Lady Gaga fan. But this photo is very hot, and the prettiest and sexiest I’ve seen of her.

  • Enoughofthenakedness!

    Do we really need to see you naked?

    • Simon

      She is NOT naked because her breasts & genitalia are COVERED. That’s like saying women that wear a 2 piece bikini or men wearing a pair of swimmer briefs are naked at the beach or pool when they are NOT!!!!! And besides what’s wrong with it anyway. STOP THE SHAME GAME, .ENOUGHOFTHENAKEDNESS!!!!!!!!

      • glug glug

        naked means NO CLOTHING. She is naked.

  • Simon

    If she is being compared to Madge then she is a lucky Girl????? truth be told It’s a lot harder nowadays for an artist like Gaga because of cyberspace. EVERYONE can have an opinion even if its valid or not. & everyone can steal music. Madonna didn’t have to worry about that when she first started it was a lot easier for her to control & manipulate her audience without question. That’s why madonna is richer than Gaga & always will be because Madge had a MASSIVE head start called (NO- INTERNET)

  • sbutler323

    I have to say…this picture completely changes my perspective of LG. This is pure, natural beauty guys…I’m glad that she’s not perfect because that individuality makes a person beautiful. If this pic is not touched up too much then I’m going gaga for Gaga…lol

  • Quattrone

    Riiiight. No makeup. And DEFINITELY NOT RETOUCHED. LOL.

  • cgksghdf

    I think she is beautiful.

  • dark rai

    damn this is the best I seen of her and so damn sexy!!!!!!!!

  • HKS

    They photoshopped really well her hip surgery! I cant see it.

  • Coffeeschock

    I don´t like it. Why do all artists in music industry always think that “being naked” sells. That´s the most boring thing GaGa did so far.

  • dzurc

    Demon likes naked