Miley Cyrus Heads To In & Out Burger Without Her Wallet

After getting all dolled up for a night out with fiance Liam Hemsworth on Thursday (Jun. 27), Miley Cyrus dressed down for her “‘blissed’ out” day, which included a trip to In & Out Burger near her home in Toluca Lake, Calif. Just one problem. As the pop star pulled into the drive-thru in her white Mercedes convertible, she realized she’d forgotten one crucial accessory: her wallet! Allegedly, the 19 year old pleaded with the cashier to simply hand over her meal for free. The paparazzi surrounding Miley couldn’t chip in this one time?

No word yet from the pilates lover on the incident, except for a recent cryptic tweet: “1123”. Could that be the price of her fast food meal? $11.23? Her wedding date to Liam? An accidental tweet?

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