Britney Spears And Demi Lovato Compliment Each Other At ‘The X Factor’ Providence Auditions

britney spears demi lovato
Brit & Demi: X Factor BFFs
Though they’re the newbies on the judges’ panel, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are so obviously the stars of the upcoming second season of The X Factor. The two pop gals were interviewed during their audition stop in Providence, Rhode Island, and the q’s were not necessarily all about their reality TV gig. (One Direction got a nice mention when Demi was asked if the rumors are true that she’s dating the group’s Niall Horan.)

Don’t you just adore the way Demi is glowing while standing next to Brit? We’d be swooning, too, if we got to breathe in the same air as Britney Spears, let alone work with her every single day. See what each pop star had to say below!

Brit’s advice to contestants? “Come prepared, and do the training you need to do.”

How about being hot? Does that help? “I think it does help a little bit if the guy is somewhat handsome, but I feel for the most part, we try to boil it down to the talent.” How professional! We’re glad to hear The X Factor crew are taking their judging job seriously.

As for Demi, she had no clue crushing people’s dreams would be so difficult. “I definitely didn’t think it woulkd be this challenging because saying no to people is really hard and emotionally it messes with you a little bit,” she says. “It’s everything I expected and more with having fun and bonding with the cast, everyone’s so sweet and awesome.”

There’s a rumor spreading that Demi is dating boy bander Niall Horan, but you can calm your nerves, 1D fans — they’re just friends. “No, I’m not [dating Niall],” she says with a smile. “He’s really sweet and he’s one of my really good friends now, but no, I’m single at the moment, and I plan to be for a long time, because I need to focus on my career and myself and my well-being before I think about getting into a relationship.”

How about her platonic relationships with the other judges? “Everyone’s really great except Simon [Cowell]“, semi-jokes Demi as Simon laughs in the background. “He does tease me a lot, but I give it back to him, I don’t mind… he’s sometimes not very nice to me, but I have fun with him.”

Demi’s got a bigger spot in her heart for Britney. “I grew up listening to her so it’s really awesome to be able to sit next to her on the panel,” she says. Brit returns the love: “The same for her, too, I totally admire her work and everything that she’s done.”

She even counts on Demi to help her out with topics she’s not so sure about: “I don’t even know who is considered a good rapper, cause I don’t listen to rap music, and I was like [to Demi], ‘Is that good?’”

Demi apparently shares Brit’s ignorance of the genre of rap. “I was like, ‘He talks fast and he sounds good, so yeah!’”

This is kind of precious, but laaaaaadies. Get yourself some Biggie, Eminem and Beastie Boys albums and educate yourselves.

  • Tee

    I was there. photos from the other side!! At least you show why Simon could not show up in front of his admirers. Camera crew should have taken more videos from the other side. I thought this was poorly edited.

  • danny

    They seem horrible at judging music. I don’t listen to rap. They talk fast. OMG. Insert lots of awkward movements.

  • Nina

    @ the comment about Demi getting a rap album from eminem or biggie etc. She listens to eminem and wishes to collab with him. She’s just trying to say she doesn’t know the facts about rap. Like what makes a good rapper but she does know about singing. That’s all. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t listen to it. She does.