Jaden Smith Raps And Disses Willow In “Gonzoes” Video

Jaden Goes Gonzo
Man, is there anything these kids can’t do? Of course, we’ve already been aware that Jaden Smith shared his sister Willow’s musical gifts, most recently in a feature on Justin Bieber‘s Believe track “Fairytale.” But in the new video for “Gonzoes,” Will and Jada’s male prodigy elevates his rapping to a whole new level — and even takes a playful swipe at his hair-whipping sister: “Now Willow is the star, man, how weak is that? Pink hair, high socks, can’t compete with that.”

At least Jaden has the good sense to apologize for any offense at the end of the track: “Sorry if I’m coming off a bit hostile, gonzoes.”

Still, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Willow used her incredible hair-whipping abilities to teach her big brother a lesson for this one.

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  • Chanel (Cha nay nay) White

    JADEN U ROCK! And mighty good looking too :) Which ur just a year older than me! :D:D Keep being awesome :)

  • lisa fleming

    Families family! He does a good job, but it blows up when ya gotta dis some one close to you to do. Just sayin. Hope he can depart from the hate in his heart.

  • lucille amble

    this is the best song i ever heard from you and i love you so much.

  • lucille gamble

    this is the best song i ever heard from you and i love u so much.

  • lucille gamble

    you are one year older then me.