Adam Lambert Is Queen For A Day In Kiev

Jul 1st, 2012 // 35 Comments
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He Did, He Did Rock Them

No, that’s not a Freddie Mercury hologram performing with Queen — it’s Adam Lambert! The superstar trespassed all the way to Kiev, Ukraine last night to be Queen for a day, serving as frontman for the legendary “Bohemian Rhapsody” band. Not only was it an epic meeting of like-minded talents in its own right, but it also benefits a good cause — the Elton John AIDS foundation. (Sir “Crocodile Rock” also performed.) “What an amaaaazing evening! I’m humbled and honored. The energy in the crowd was beyond! Thank you Kiev!” Adam tweeted following the show. In other words — he did, he did rock them. Watch the full show above.

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  1. I can’t answer for them, but Adam rocked me!!
    The entire concert was fantastic. I was mesmerized from
    begining to end. I infact did not want it to end.

    I loved the footed of Freddie throughout the concert. I loved how Adam was Adam and not trying to be Freddie. In being Adam, he gave the perfect tribute to Freddie and helped Roger and Brian bring their music alive.

    I so hope, wish and pray that they bring this concert to the States.

  2. The fact that Brian said he was so mesmerized by Adam he forgot to PLAY during the show says it all.

    A grueling set list, with songs that NO other front man has attempted since they started rotating them in. And songs that even Freddie had to adjust while he was still singing.

  3. danny

    Meanwhile, back at the county fair, Kris Allen is performing….naw nevermind.

  4. kathy

    Adam Lambert was flawless in his performance last night. I was totally mesmerized by him and the band and did not want the concert to end. I am so glad we have video to watch it over and over again. I do hope they bring this concert to So. Calif.!

  5. kathy

    Adam Lambert was flawless in his performance last night. I was totally mesmerized by him and the band and did not want the concert to end. I am so glad we have video to watch it over and over again. I do hope they bring this concert to So. Calif.!

  6. Michelle

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    • Verybz1

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    • kiwi

      I also heard a couple of “off notes”. But when I watched the video again (and again) I realised that on at least two occaisons Adam wasn’t singing at the time. It was a backing singer or Queen members themselves.

  7. Vickie

    And to think they only rehearsed for a couple of weeks. This shows just how great a performer Adam is. Please at least make a DVD of this concert. I hope that he has a ton more fans after this performance.

  8. HEP.

    Adam Lambert finally found a stage and a moment worthy of his talent,if there is such a thing as Freddie Mercury having a heir,it would be him….the whole concert was amazing because they manage to update the songs and the stage presence while at the same time not losing site of the original magic…the right balance was found,what a great night for Adam Lambert,Queen, and for the memory of Freddie but also what a great night for music,reminded us what is missing mostly these days…real talent who can actually sing live!

    • RedRoseQueen1

      Hello Hep, my DEAR friend! We meet again! Yes, indeed, Adam BELONGS on that world stage! The performance was utterly BRILLIANT! (just a few minor kinks but those will be worked out before the next concert)
      If Freddie himself could give a statement about the concert right now, I’ve no doubt it would be one of total support and approval! See ya ’round, my sailor man! *giggles* ;D

      • HEP.

        Rose,this is my second reply,not sure the first one made it..if so,humor…what a special night for all fans of this young man,finally getting the spotlight he so richly deserves and i must say it is about time…life has come full circle for him and us..3 years ago he started this journey with a Queen song and now he is singing that same song in concert as their lead singer,we could not ask for more….take care Rose,your friend,hep.

        • RedRoseQueen1

          I know how much you love “our boy” Hep and if I could give you anything, it would be a meet & greet with a front row seat at one of his shows, my friend!
          Paula Abdul and we FANS have been right all along…Adam Lambert will be ICONIC. Thanks again, dear, sweet man. ~Rose~ :D

  9. Nan

    Wow! He certainly did do FM justice. What a talent AL is!

  10. Amalia

    What an outstanding talent Adam is! I wish him all the good luck in the world, to became as famous as Freddy was. Adam deserves it all. GREAT CONCERT!

  11. mona pascual

    it is magic!!!!!

  12. mona pascual

    it is magic!!!!!!!!

  13. Lauriellen

    Did anyone see Freddie “occupy” Adam Lambert’s body?

  14. Carol

    Madison Square Garden pleasssssse!

  15. SweetOnPeace

    Adam Lambert was incredible……it all felt RIGHT. The dynamics between him and Brian May wee joyous to see!

  16. Cher

    Bravo. Adam was outstanding. I particularly liked Who Wants to Live Forever. Absolutely rocking concert. Brian and Roger were amazing. I was glued to the screen for the whole concert. Loved every single note. Adam did Freddie proud.

  17. Ana

    I thought the only person who could be the next Queen’s frontman was George Michael, and I felt really sad when he declined the invitation. Everything happens for a reason, though. Adam is PERRRRFECT for Queen!

  18. annehedonia

    I’m STILL watching, and it’s more than 24 hours later… Compelling and downright wonderful! A DVD to benefit for Elton’s AIDS charity would sell well. I’d be responsible for several meself.

  19. LA

    Brian and Roger have wanted to work with Adam since Idol. They knew the amazing talent of Adam and knew what he could do and Adam brought home! Dazzling, brilliant performance from Adam and Queen, he is the only singer today that could bring justice to those songs, that range and showmanship was such a beautiful fit with Queen!

  20. MJ

    Somewhere in gay heaven, Freddie is looking down and smiling at the wonder that is Adam. He’s smoking a cigarette and says with a camp flick and that toothy laugh, “He was captivating darlings. Truly captivating”.
    The 2 best singers in history brought together. Life can’t get any better.

  21. lorraine

    The concert in Kiev was incredible. Adam, you truly belong on that world stage with Queen. When you sang I WANT TO BREAK FREE,your huge smile said it all for me.Love you forever

  22. Yvette


  23. There is no better singer performer out there with the charisma and stage performance than Adam Lambert – what a great “fit” with legendary Queen – 5 more of these wonderful shows are planned – look out world here he comes! P.S. Brian May is a defintely becoming a glambert! He said he almost forgot to play watching Adam on stage – LOL that is what all of us glamberts go through everytime we see him live!

    • Yvette

      Lynn, My “GLAM SISTA” Yes, Brian is under Adams Spell forever..just like us…and I hope someone got Brians JAW-DROPPING EXPRESSION on video for all the world to see!!

  24. cassie

    This is fitting on so many levels, including the fact that Adam once auditioned for the show “We Will Rock You” in Vegas and was rejected! Oops. Also, the fact that he auditioned for Idol with Bohemian Rhapsody.
    More than that, Queen and Freddie have been Adam’s idols since he was a teen. He greatly admired Freddie’s way with vocals, his showmanship, his fierceness, the way he commanded the stage. Adam STUDIED what Freddie did, and learned from him many t hings that have shaped the artist he is today. So, in a way, Adam IS Freddie’s legacy, his spiritual “child”, his next generation. What a fitting “passing of the torch.”

  25. Adam did a great job! My all-time favorite band with my all-time favorite singer! Heaven!!!

  26. fean

    LOVED every minute of the concert. Lambert is incredible and Queen phenomenal. Take the time to watch the concert if you have not already. Many are on their 3rd or 4th viewing.

  27. LMG

    This was epic! I loved that he still held onto that spark that was Adam Lambert and still was able to perform this as he did. I think if you put them side-by-side you will find it very hard to tell them apart. Goosebumps, people, HUGE goosebumps. And ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ best ever. How many of you, Adam fans or not, teared up when they showed Freddie Mercury (what I think was his last perfomance but am not completely sure) on the wide-screen. I sure as hell did.

  28. Anna

    I also did notice that there were a very few off-key moments, but over-all spectacular performance! And current artists get up and lip-sync! And with only a 2 week rehersal! We have watched it 3 times now.Need a DVD so we can enjoy this forever. And the band sounded better than I remember. They were made for each other

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