Willow Smith Debuts “I Am Me” Video: Hear Her Surprising Vocal Chops

Jul 2nd, 2012 // 6 Comments
Dressed-Down Willow Declares Who She Is
Willow: Hair-Whipper
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Not only did Willow Smith‘s video for “I Am Me” premiere during the BET Awards pre-show last night, the tween singer (now with super short hair) also debuted something we hadn’t quite heard before in sassy, dance-oriented fare like “Whip My Hair” and “Fireball”: her impressive singing voice. In the special effects-free clip, Willow wears a simple jeans/hat/button-down shirt combo while playing her tiny keyboard in the streets of New York.

“Days pass, I’m tryin’ to find out who I really am / I’ve been lookin’ / People don’t like the way I dress or where I’m at,” she croons on “I Am Me.” We’d venture to guess that you have just actually found yourself with this one, Willow. Watch above and see if you’re as impressed with the 11-year-old’s new direction as we are.


  1. WOW. I;m more than impressed. And she’s only 11?? O.M.G

  2. T dubb

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  3. Xadax

    Sia Furler… look it up

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