Pet Shop Boys’ “Winner”: Hear The Full Song Via Its Lyric Video

Is the soaring new Pet Shop Boys single “Winner” an Olympics tie-in? (Sample lyric: “We worked so hard, we came so far just to compete.”) Is it a biographical recollection of their own success? (“Now at this moment the crowd acclaim us, will you just listen to that sound!”) We’re guessing it’s a well-timed combo of the two. And either way, the upbeat, synthy first official offering from the UK duo’s forthcoming LP Elysium sounds like a total champ to our ears.

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe recorded their 11th album early this year in Los Angeles, with Grammy winner Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Jay-Z) in the producer’s chair. “It was inspiring to make an album in Los Angeles, and to work with a producer from a different musical genre, who has brought a new dimension to our music,” the pair said via a press release.

Listen to “Winner” by watching the lyric video above.

In April, Dawson talked to us about working with the veteran pop duo in L.A.: “They have so much experience doing records. I’ve definitely learned a few tricks from them on making records, too… It’s a really good working environment where everybody’s been pretty much on fire with their ideas. The stuff that everybody’s come up with has been really, really good.”

Pet Shop Boys’ Elysium album will be released in the US on September 18, while “Winner” hits iTunes tomorrow. Then, on August 7, the single will get a full-fledged release as two digital bundles (including bonus tracks and remixes).

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