Pink’s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”: Listen To Her New Breakup Song

Pink is always at her best when she combines her powerful vocals with edgy, biting lyrics. And on new single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, the pop star aims to once again capture that smash-hit magic by dissing an embattled lover: “I think you’re full of shit, my head is spinning so blow me one last kiss,” she sings on the chorus. (With a title like that, did you think this was going to be a tender ballad?) But that’s not the only ish talk Pink does on her latest offering. “Just when it can’t get worse, you’ve had a shit day, I’ve had a shit day, we’ve had a shit day,” she declares.

Hmmm. Is this song completely full of it? Give it a spin below and decide for yourself.

Pink — “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”

Two weeks ago Pink tweeted an image of her holding daughter Willow Sage on the set of the photo shoot for her upcoming album. She then announced “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” as the LP’s first single, and noted that it was written with Greg Kurstin of The Bird And The Bee. (Check out the full “Blow Me” lyrics at Direct Lyrics).

We’ll point out that the song is somewhat of a departure from the Max Martin-produced pop Pink has served up over the past six years. And while Kurstin himself is no stranger to crafting catchy jams, this one seems like less of a “Raise Your Glass”- or “So What”-like anthem and more of a grower.

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  • Trisha Bell

    Amazing!!!!!! Totally Pink!

  • Logan


  • Emily

    FYI, the link you posted here is just a very rough demo of the song. I’m sure Greg’s production will sound slick on the final product. I have no doubts that this will smash hard.

  • lisa fleming

    I love how she says it like it is! No holds bared.

  • Debbie

    love love love it SHE IS JUST AWESOME

  • BW

    This song totally is totally LAME. It Sucks. I mean it’s good but it sounds just like all her other songs. I wish somebody would just come out with a song different from all their other songs. The music world is getting boring.

  • Donna

    Love it,honest as honest only PINK can be!!

  • LO


  • P!NK!

    I cannot stop listening.. it’s so catchy. I love it! Can’t wait for the final, polished version. I’m sure they’ll clean it up a bit.

  • danny

    Sounds like a throw away Kelly Clarkson song. “Here ya go Pink. Have this one. It’s free.”

  • Barb

    Am liking this song.