Owl City And Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Good Time” Lyric Video: Watch

Owl City And Carly Rae Are Having A Good Time
The “sunny collaboration” between Owl City and Song Of The Summer candidate Carly Rae Jepsen, “Good Time”, (not surprisingly) gets an equally sunny lyric video. Like the bubbly song itself, the vid keeps things sweet and simple, using a pale blue backdrop with the occasional crayon-drawn image floating through the frame: a smiling sun, a half moon, dancing palm trees and a rainbow.

And if watching the lyric vid felt like too much of a tease, fear not! Carly and Adam announced  on Monday (July 2) that they’re hard at work on the track’s official music video. “Just landed in NYC! Shooting the Good Time video with @owlcity TMR! Pray for sun!,” tweeted the “Call Me Maybe” siren. “I can’t wait for this shoot. See you soon!,” Adam tweeted back.

  • Carly Hater

    Stupid owl city. Owl city is a good band, but they had to pair up with Carly? Idiots.

    • Carly Hater

      I know! Carly is so annoying. I want to freaking kill her because of her gay song. But now she teams up with owl city? Damn, owl city is gonna go down.

  • Gabby

    Hey, uh… Why are your names the same? Same person much?

  • Carly Hater

    Sorry, I hated Carly too. I thought it was perfect for the comment I would write, I didn’t realize it when I wrote it.

  • Eric the Green

    super catchy song of the year. magical and romantic to the max. To my ears better than all other Owl City and Jepsen tunes, and they are already among the best around.

  • :P

    I bought it for owl city. I skip over the parts with carley in it! haha