Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ 3D Movie: Review Revue

Jul 3rd, 2012 // 5 Comments
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Katy Perry Part Of Me 3D movie

Just in time for everyone to shoot off their fireworks this week, Katy Perry: Part Of Me will arrive in theaters on Thursday in all its 3D glory. (Hit us up on Twitter that day, as we’ll be live-tweeting the movie experience!) Critics were treated to advance screenings of the colorful spectacle, and from the sound of things, Katy wasn’t just pulling everyone’s leg when she said the concert documentary doesn’t shy away from the deterioration of her marriage to Russell Brand.

There are, of course, other aspects to the film — Perry’s California Dreams Tour and bevy of hits play out on the screen, and we get to see the singer interact with the family members she talks so much about in interviews. But it’s probably the Katy/Russell breakup folks are most intrigued about. Head below to see how how big screen pop fest Part Of Me held up in reviews!

:: The Chicago Tribune seems unimpressed with the flick: “[Russel] Brand is glimpsed briefly backstage in what might be called the Warren Beatty Truth or Dare cameo appearance. What do we learn from the film, other than the only thing that looks cool in this pointless 3D context is laser stage lights shooting at your face? We learn that Perry, eternal gurl-woman, has a grandma in Vegas. We learn that her father wears black eyeglasses resembling Irving ‘Swifty’ Lazar’s.”

:: The Hollywood Reporter finds the experience to be pleasant enough: “A mix of interviews, reality TV-style behind-the-scenes footage and 3D concert scenes, the movie is attractively, if conventionally, assembled. The live performances in particular feature an energized sheen sometimes missing from Perry’s music videos featuring the very same songs. Although arguably more of an adulatory artist profile than a bona fide concert doc, the movie is still likely to surpass even Perry’s personal aspiration — ‘My goal is simple: to make people smile.’”

:: Reuters is rather impressed with the eye-popping spectacle: “The movie humanizes Perry in a way that is rare in Hollywood where the star-making machinery cranks out performers who, seemingly, live glamorous, carefree lifestyles of which others only dream.”

:: ScreenDaily.com notes the following: “Russell Brand is notably absent as an interviewee — though he is seen a few times backstage — and clips from TV news shows are used to relate the couple’s divorce announcement. Perry refers only obliquely to the breakup in her interviews but she’s seen crying in a couple of quite moving backstage scenes. The unraveling of the relationship gives some structure to what would otherwise be a pretty aimless documentary and the segment on the divorce serves as a platform for an emotional finale with cathartic renditions of signature hits ‘Fireworks’ and ‘California Gurls’.”

:: Sugarscape.com thinks the film has some big plusses: “Watching the California Dreams tour in 3D is AMAZING. Her boobs spin in our faces, confetti is thrown out at us and we left feeling like we had glitter in our hair. Also – not really part of the film – but the 3D glasses are pink and blue, an obvious bonus. Footage from when Katy was a cute little girl singing songs about Jesus was brilliant, and her Nan is a living legend.”

:: Yahoo! UK’s OMG Blog couldn’t sit still: “If you haven’t seen Katy live before then you’re in for a treat, the film follows the star on her Teenage Dream tour and it gives you mosh-pit access to the show. With incredible dance routines, fantastic costumes and more, this will be sure to get you moving and you’ll have to try hard not to sing along.”

:: Digital Spy is equally impressed: “Performances lifted from the California Dreams Tour are beautifully and impressively shot. Moments of slow-motion action emphasise the surreality and epic nature of headlining an arena, while the 3D effects emphasise the scale of the show.”

:: We’ll end with this assessment from Hollywood.com: “…not to say Perry isn’t entertaining now or that her eye-popping 3D spectacle doesn’t have its moments, but we are all so familiar with the 27-year-old singer’s story — from her religious upbringing to her very public divorce from comedian/actor Russell Brand (neither of which are shied away from in Part Of Me) — that it makes the sugary flick like more of an easy-to swallow summer treat than something to really sink your teeth in to.”

Do these reviews have you eager to see Part Of Me? Don’t forget that we’ll be live-tweeting Katy’s movie experience on July 5! Catch all the action here, and let us know below if you plan to go see the movie in theaters, as well!


  1. White Power!

    Katy Perry Makes Horrible Music and everyone knows it. This movie is gonna suck just like the Justin Bieber movie.

  2. victoria resendez

    i love katy perry she is the best singer i cant wat to go to go see her new move i just wish i was there in real life

  3. Sms123

    With this I am just like there is only 1 hr and 30 minutes out of the over 300 FREAK’N hours of footage that was taken. Do I want to see all the footage? Oh heak no! I have a life and I would never spend that much time looking at the footage of a celebrity, but I feel the footage is a little to selective. She doesn’t want people to know to much about the breakup so she doesn’t put in much, but the little info that is there is bias, you have to admit it. I could tell the audience focused was young girls because she didn’t show any ‘dark’ parts of her. The focus shouldn’t be to make yourself look good or bad. Documentaries should be about the truth on both sides even though they tend to never be that way. :/

  4. Fan4me

    I saw this yesterday at one of the Fan Sneaks and it was amazing! I loved it so much!! it went by FAST and was really entertaining. I was a Katy fan before, but now I LOVE her! It gave a lot of insight on her personal life, both past and present.

  5. Delana Hildreth

    But it’s probably the Katy/Russell breakup folks are most intrigued about. Head below to see how how big screen pop fest Part Of Me held up in reviews!

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