Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Expected To Debut At #1 With Disappointing Sales

We’re already bracing ourselves for the Chris Brown brag-a-thon that will inevitably hit Twitter next week, as the “Don’t Wake Me Up” artist’s newest album Fortune is expected to debut in the top spot of the Billboard 200. His fifth studio release is on track to move 125,000 to 140,000 units — a disappointing figure, reports Billboard, when compared to the first week sales of his previous album, F.A.M.E., which hit #1 in March 2011 with 270,000 discs sold.

So what’s the cause of these relatively low figures for Breezy? Is it because sales are generally low for all R&B albums? Just look to Usher‘s Looking 4 Myself sales for proof of that — though he also debuted at #1, he did so with only 128,000 units sold, about a third what his previous LP, 2010′s Raymond Vs. Raymond, pulled its first week out.

Was it the content itself that turned people off? Though his electronic offering “Turn Up The Music” was able to crack the Top 10, the three other singles to chart on the Hot 100 (“Til I Die”, “Sweet Love” and “Don’t Wake Me Up”) did so way on the other end of the spectrum at #106, #89 and #89, respectively. Clearly, the public wasn’t salivating over Breezy’s new tunes, as detailed in our Review Revue of Fortune, where we discovered that critics had little praise for Brown’s musical output this time around.

Or is it most likely that Brown’s low sales figures are due to him leaking practically every track himself over the last few months, causing his potential album-buying fans to have already heard (and snatched up) the full LP already?

Whatever it is, Brown will probably still land himself another number one album, which is quite an accomplishment for a man who finds himself incessantly embroiled in controversy. You’d think all that drama would kill his reputation at this point, but since his reputation is getting into various amounts of trouble, anyone picking up his album is pretty much aware of what kind of person they’re supporting.

Did you pick up Chris Brown’s Fortune? Is it everything you want it to be and more? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

  • Anonymous


  • melody

    I loved it and is bought it the first day it hit stores.

  • israel journey

    I give it an A- and would encourage him to do better next time.

  • @stellaskid

    Well he did still debut at #1 which means, if his sales were disappointing, they were still less disappointing than every other album out for sale last week. Curious though, , how did one of his “three other singles to chart on the Hot 100 (“Til I Die”, “Sweet Love” and “Don’t Wake Me Up”)” do that from a #106 chart position??!

    • Jed

      It hasn’t debuted on the charts yet….it’s the prediction that it may.
      And while “Til I Die” charted it #106 it’s because the Hot 100 only covers spots 1-100, they have to include that because it was a single. The writer does say that the songs are “on the other side of the spectrum” which would account for why they included its chart position at #106.

  • Alec

    Loved his new CD, it’s time to move on, Chris Brown fan forever

  • Jessi

    I’m gonna buy. #BREEZY NATION ALL DAY!!!!!

  • lola

    ew, chris brown fans? who knew they existed?

  • Andy

    No, he’s terrible

  • Dan

    i didnt think this albums was very good… most song were the same… fame was much better and graffiti is his best album by far..

  • Dan

    i didnt think this album was very good… most songs were the same… fame was much better and graffiti is his best album by far..

  • Marvette Carridice

    I bought the album July 4, and he’s been good since he started and now he’s better. Good Job Chris Continue with your success we need more. Graffiti was also good but did not get the ratings it deserve.

  • Zakiyyah

    I got the Fortune album on July 3rd!! The release day.. #TeamBreezy all day EVERYDAY!!