Niall Horan Of One Direction’s Colorful “Greeting” To Fans In Dublin: Playful Or Obscene?

One Direction‘s Niall Horan knows how to ham it up for the camera when not working, as demonstrated by his playful backstage duet with Olly Murs while, um, sitting on the toilet. But some folks are wondering if the 18-year-old Irish crooner took things too far when he flew into the Dublin airport earlier this week and greeted a group of camera phone-toting female 1D fans by saying, “Remember the last time I walked out here… you shower of c***ts.”

Granted, he did fulfill one of the girls’ requests by wishing her a happy birthday, and gave her the thumbs-up in the process. So was it just harmless banter? Or is that simply no way to speak to a lady? (The girls do seem pretty young in the video…) Watch Niall’s exchange below and let us know your thoughts.

To Horan’s credit, he tweeted the following early this morning: “really sorry if I caused any offence. It was just banter with fans who I think of more as mates… but I understand that it’s not a word I should be using at all.”

[Via ONTD]