George Michael’s “White Light”: Listen To His Anniversary Single

Last month George Michael announced his new single “White Light” by noting the following on Facebook: “On the 29th of June this year it will be 30 years to the day that ‘Wham Rap’, my first single, written with Andrew Ridgeley (on an afternoon that the two of us should have been at school!), entered the British charts.”

The song was released stateside this week, and, given the pop crooner’s recent health scare with a bout of pneumonia in the winter, the lyrics seem rather poignant. “I’m alive, and I’ve got so much more that I want to do / was it music, was it science that saved me or the way that you prayed for me,” Michael sings. Hear “White Light” below.

Michael closes pulsating dance jam “White Light” by singing, “Well, I thank you, I’m alive.” Meanwhile, the 49-year-old Grammy winner revealed that his guardian angel in the song’s upcoming music video will be played by none other than Kate Moss.

“By the way, in the video, a certain supermodel (our Kate) saves my life,” he tweeted. “We shot two endings, one with the heimlich menouvre…and one where she gives me full on CPR. Mouth to mouth. Not really:} But honestly, she is my saviour, on film at least!”

“White Light” is now available on US iTunes. Catch the full set of lyrics at Direct Lyrics.

  • Sir Lord

    Sir Lord George Michael was/is and will remain the iconic figure of acoustical lyrics that has ever graced the air waves of the Western World, and you can take that to the bank!

  • toni

    george michael siempre sera uno de los grandes .siempre ofrece algo diferente a los demas su musica no te recuerda a ningun otro cantante es unico.gracias george

  • Daniel Gillenwater

    I absolutely love this song…love the lyrics and love the beat. Welcome back, George. I’ve missed you. Please come to the U.S. for a tour soon.