Flo Rida Brings His “Good Feeling” To ‘Today’ Concert Series

Becky Bain | July 6, 2012 - 11:28 am

Flo Rida had some serious fun in the sun performing a handful of his songs for the Today show’s Toyota Summer Concert Series. The party rapper was still in a patriotic mood following the Fourth Of July, wearing an American flag shirt and loads of cammo. Despite the MC’s oversized pecs and his hot backup dancers and singers, his oversized, blinged-out microphone was truly the flashiest thing on stage, as well as his glittering mic stand spelling out his name (with the “F” in the shape of his home state of Florida, obviously).

Go with the Flo and check out his performances of “Good Feeling”, “Wild Ones”, “Whistle” and ” I Cry”.

Flo Rida – “Good Feeling” (Live on Today)

Flo Rida – “Wild Ones” (Live on Today)

Flo Rida – “Wild Ones” (Live on Today)

Flo Rida – “I Cry” (Live on Today)

  • Deborah Engles

    I thought the performance was disgusting. He showed how tacky and obscene he truly was singing “Whistle” to a bunch of pre-schoolers. I have complained to The Today Show, The FCC and started a Facebook page about how disgusting it was and I can’t believe anyone would be praising such sick programming.

    • Flo RIDA

      You must be like 93 if you don’t like Flo Rida’s music. His genre is not for you anyway. So back off.

    • JaM pAcKeD

      You’re Crazy right? Flo Rida is amazing!! Why would you complain? WTF? Thats crap. Were you even there or did you just watch it on tV? So much more happened than they showed on TV. You are quick to judge and annoying.

  • FR FAN

    AMAZING! I was so lucky to be there! No matter what, Flo Rida is true talent and a good example for others!!!!!!!!