Whatcha Say: Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Katy Perry & Owl City Got Our Readers Talking

Diehard Idolator patrons, we’ve got a hot summer surprise for you today — the return of our reader comments feature, Whatcha Say! Yes, we temporarily put the weekly recount of all your best thoughts about pop’s happenings on hold. But just because it was briefly gone, rest assured, it was never forgotten. After all, while we may report on daily Bieber/Gomez sightings, riff on Lana Del Rey videos and offer our opinions on Chris Brown‘s latest antics, you are the real barometer that puts the pop in “popular.”

This week Whatcha Say is back, and it seems you all had plenty to get off your chest regarding our 2012 Song Of The Summer poll. Some readers even skipped our picks and wrote in the tunes they personally feel have been their own favorites in these sunny months. Head below to see what Idolator’s readers had to offer up about this past week’s music news!

:: Fireworks went off in Rene’e Condray‘s heart after reading Frank Ocean Comes Out About Same-Sex Relationship, Receives Support From His Peers: “Well done, young man. Being LGBT in the black community is still so very taboo. Well done. Your brave honesty is inspiring.”

:: Fan4me was also full of praise, on Katy Perry’s Part Of Me 3D Movie: Review Revue: “I saw this yesterday at one of the Fan Sneaks and it was amazing… I was a Katy fan before, but now I LOVE her! It gave a lot of insight on her personal life, both past and present.”

:: Israel Journey applauded Breezy’s effort on Chris Brown’s Fortune Expected To Debut At #1 With Disappointing Sales: “I give it an A- and would encourage him to do better next time.”

:: Jasmine was just plain cold on Kelly Rowland And Lil Wayne Team Up Again On “Ice”: Hear The Full Song: “Sorry, ‘Ice’ just isn’t hit material. Kelly Rowland needs to record and release more classic songs like ‘When Love Takes Over’, ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ and ‘Unity’ – her best ballad eva !”

:: In Murmur‘s eyes, we were just plain un-American on Pop Stars And Stripes: Singers Wear The Flag For July 4th: “How you could you ignore Madonna’s ‘American Pie’ video in this gallery?”

:: Eric The Green gave a thumbs-up to Owl City And Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Good Time” Lyric Video: Watch: “To my ears better than all other Owl City and Jepsen tunes, and they are already among the best around.”

:: :P was only :) over half of the song, however: “I bought it for Owl City. I skip over the parts with Carley [sic] in it!”

:: Finally, these readers had their own suggestions for who has the official 2012 Song Of The Summer:

* Rob Williams: “Offspring – Days Go By might be one for a lot of people. That band might not be pop enough for Idolator to mention though.”

* Marcin: “The best summer hit is Simple Plan – Summer Paradise!!!

* Mark Daniel Snyder: “Scissor Sisters. Let’s Have A KiKi is the sleeper hit of the summer!!!”

* Josh: “seriously? pound the alarm is slaying this summer yknow guys, it is getting so popular in australia its not funny, like number five on itunes and it doesnt even have a video. its making its own publicity”

* Carlos: “If you want a real summer song from this year, I will suggest Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ hands down.”