No Doubt’s “Settle Down” Video: Watch A Tease

We’re a week off from the premiere of the video for No Doubt‘s first Push And Shove single, “Settle Down” (it arrives July 16). And as we saw from the sneak-peek stills from the set, Gwen Stefani and the boys rolled out the big rigs for the Sophie Muller-directed clip.

But now the band has offered up an official teaser video for “Settle Down” (following last week’s somewhat behind-the-scenes look), and we see that there is dancing, there are fireworks and trucks (of course), and there is dancing on trucks. Gwen and the gang look downright jubilant as they ham it up in their first visual together since 2003’s “It’s My Life”, and the Middle Eastern-flavored tune playing atop the clip has us wondering just what direction the song itself is going in. Guess we’ll find out in seven days — or if and when the video leaks.