Wonder Girls Get Schooled In Love By Akon In “Like Money” Video

Wonder Girls Like Money music video
Akon Has A Few Lessons For Wonder Girls
K-Pop has broken through in a huge way all over the world — well, except for in North America. Will Wonder Girls be the group to crack the genre wide open stateside? Their latest video, for “Like Money”, sure seems to be ticking all the right boxes on that front. It’s sung completely in English, and the radio-friendly dance-pop offering also features hit-maker Akon, who chides the girls’ demands of “love me, babe, love me, babe, wherever you are” with these pearls of wisdom: “Stop listenin’ to your friends, they just want your man, misery loves a little company.”

Between the glossy production on “Like Money” and its futuristic, big-budget video, it’s definitely foreseeable that this could compete with the latest Katy Perry, One Direction and Maroon 5 fodder making up radio playlists at the moment, if given the chance.

  • Janine Tan

    this song is amazing!!!!!!!
    love wonder girls and akon

  • mandujjang

    domination! wondergirls

  • Mir

    The best!

  • John

    I could see this doing well in the clubs, but it’s kind of generic. I don’t really see this being a hit, but who knows.

  • monica

    wonder girls fighting!!!

  • thia

    like this song soo muchhh :D
    love me like money love me like cars, love me babe love me babe where ever you are…. :D