Azealia Banks Drops New ‘Fantasea’ Tack “Neptune”

Jul 10th, 2012 // Comment
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azealia banks neptune

Azealia Banks‘ mer-themed mixtape Fantasea is but a day away from release, and today comes a brand new track. ”Neptune” is a meandering tune with an appropriately wobbly underwater beat. British rapper/singer Shystie (aka the other half of the mermaid in the single cover art) stops by for a verse. Listen to it below and tell us if it’s worthy of the Roman god its named after.

The Harlem rapper revealed on Twitter on Tuesday (June 10) that Fantasea is 18 songs long. “15 Azealia Banks originals and 3 remixes,” she wrote.

“I originally started this mixtape with the intention of letting go a ton of old ideas… like songs I started writing but never finished,” she continued in a series of tweets. “My ideas and concepts started to develop, so I changed the title and began to try & make the project more cohesive. Fantasea is almost kind of a first album of sorts….but it happened by mistake…. It’s weird. This is a test run… I tried a lot of cool things… Sounds I thought were progressive, beats made by close friends, different flowsss.”

Finally, Azealia bursts into nervous Internet giggles. “Lololololol I hope you guys like it! I’m nervoussssss.”

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