Nelly Furtado Releases Truly Inspiring Lyric Video For “Spirit Indestructible”

When creating lyric videos for their singles, most artists choose to focus on the style or presentation of fonts, or maybe they come up with a clever or creative concept. But Nelly Furtado pretty much blows all those other lyric videos out of the water, taking a documentary approach to turn the lyric vid for “Spirit Indestructible” into one of the most inspirational clips we’ve ever seen.

As the song’s words flash across the bottom of the screen, we’re given a look into the incredible journey of Spencer West, who was born with a genetic disease that led to both his legs being amputated at age five. Spencer has not only been able to move freely on his own, he was able to climb all 19,000 feet of Mount Kilimanjaro — yep, that Mount Kilimanjaro — by only using his hands.

“Spencer is a true hero who knows how to ‘redefine his possible’ every day,” writes Nelly. “I wrote this song in tribute to humanity, as I believe we are all capable of triumphing over whatever obstacle life brings. The spirit indestructible is in all of us. People like Spencer have proven this to me.”

Learn more about Spencer’s journey here.