Florence + The Machine Covers Green Day’s “Hitchin’ A Ride” Live: Watch

While performing at a party during Coachella weekend (in a video that surfaced today), Florence + The Machine songstress Florence covered Green Day‘s “Hitchin’ A Ride”, which might seem like a left-of-field choice. But Welch has been a huge fan of the Bay Area band for awhile. “I was really into New York skater punk when I was growing up,” she told us during a 2010 interview. “I was a big fan of Dookie and Nimrod. Me and my friend Devonte Hynes, he’s the singer in Lightspeed Champion, we covered the whole of Nimrod. We covered every song… I just think it’s an amazing album!”

She really did, and once you’re done watching her live performance with Hynes above, you can listen to the whole thing on YouTube. (Here’s “Platypus (I Hate You)“, “The Grouch“, and “Redundant” to get you started.)