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Jul 13th, 2012 // 4 Comments
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Not to be outdone by Miley Cyrus‘ new presidential ink, Chris Brown showed off his new snake tattoo via Twitter on Thursday (July 12). The Fortune crooner uploaded a photo of his back with a design of a giant slithering reptile with the caption, “The impossible triangle: year of the snake!!!!!!” We assume Breezy was referring to his birth year, 1989, since 2012 is the year of the dragon. (We had no idea he followed the Chinese calendar.)

As for “the impossible triangle”, Chris refers to the optical illusion seen on the tail of his rattlesnake which is taken from the Penrose Triangle, made famous by Roger Penrose, who called the object “impossibility in its purest form”. We’re sure the mathematician never envisioned that it would permanently live on the back of a chart-topping artist.

Chris’ new design was a sort-of date night activity with girlfriend Karrueche, who got a dragon design on her hand. We would say that things are getting pretty serious between them, but you’ll remember the “Turn Up The Music” singer got matching tattoos Rihanna and we know that relationship didn’t last forever.

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  2. blick

    wow…illuminati getting more obvious every day…

  3. Trace

    I like Chris. But why is this news?

  4. billy hill


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