Pitbull May Not Be #Exiled To Alaska After All

Pitbull may not have to pack his long underwear and NorthFace jacket to ship off to Alaska anytime soon. After a sponsored contest to have the rapper perform at the Walmart with the most Facebook likes was hijacked by internet pranksters — resulting in more than 70,000 thumbs-ups for the megachain’s far-flung Kodiak branch — Pitbull’s Miami-based fans are pulling out all the stops to make sure he stays at home.

According to Miami New Times, the rapper’s Floridian fans are counteracting the movement by starting their own Twitter trend, #KeepPitbull305, in the hopes that the “Get It Started” artist performs at their local Wal-Mart in Hialeah, Fl. instead.

But their efforts don’t appear to be working. With just hours left to vote, Hialeah’s Walmart has barely passed 1,000 likes. Fail.

Pitbull, who is currently on tour abroad, is being a good sport about the whole thing, tweeting the hashtag himself and responding to fans’ on both the #exilepitbull and the #keepitbull305 sides.

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  • Kodiak

    Kodiak, no “c”

  • ReadingPainbow

    Quit baiting your titles. There is no way that “with hours left” that he “may not be” headed to AK. Learn to write decent articles.

  • Jen

    I may not like his music and I admit I didn’t really care much about him either way before all this, but the fact that he’s being a good sport makes me like him (even if I still don’t like his music).

  • idka


  • skaash

    Agree with ReadingPainbow. Additionally, no self-respecting journalist utilizes “fail” in any article as a noun – what is this, 2009? Absolutely atrocious writing.

  • Lynda

    Kodiak is a great place! I was born and raised there till I was 18 and headed off to college, and it will always be home. Just make sure to send him in the summer and get the guy a good fishing charter. He’ll enjoy the trip, I guarantee it.