Usher’s Stepson May Soon Be Taken Off Life Support

Usher‘s 11-year-old stepson Kile Glover, who was declared brain dead on July 8 following a jet skiing accident, may be taken off life support as early as next month, TMZ reports. Though no concrete deadline has been set, sources close to the family speculate the insurance company is only willing to keep paying for “a couple months, tops.”

Barring outside financial help to cover the expensive medical bills, the boy’s mother — Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond — would be forced to pull the plug once insurance coverage ceased. Though Usher has been supportive throughout the ordeal, and even reportedly hired a plane to fly Foster to her son, TMZ claims the pop star has not offered to pay any of the medical expenses, and that Tameka isn’t considering asking him.

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  • kc

    Well Usher has already done enough for her.R.I.P Kile!

    • Lonkei

      If Usher loved this child as his own, He will make the right decisions. They were married and Im sure Ushers heart and soul is in this with his x/wife. He will make the right decision after speaking with the doctors. Im sure if money could save this childs life Usher would have no problem going broke over it and we would support him. No one has ever done enough when it comes to the life of a child and you KC need to remember this.

      • Miya

        I agree Lonkei…..I think many fail to realize that these are his children’s Big Brother….How can that not have an affect on him? My heart, thoughts, & prayers go out to Kile’s family……

        • Melvina


      • Vanessa

        The right thing would be to let this poor boy pass away with some dignity. If he was declared brain dead then he is dead. It is irreversible. Being brain dead is not the same thing as being in a coma or in a persistent vegetative state. There is no brain activity even on the lowest levels. They can keep him on life support forever, but the bottom line is that he is never waking up. They need to keep him on it long enough for the family to say their goodbyes. Chrissy, you were not brain dead.

        • jomo

          i completely agree, as tragic the situation, understand, before Doctors advise removing a child from life support, there are many exams they do. They do a brain flow test. If the child’s brain is devistated, the child will not be able to survive without mechanical intervention. Having said that. Physically, the child does not even look like a child.
          It’s a horrible situation.
          Usher has done the right thing, by being there. If the child has no brain compacity, all the $$$$ in the world couldn’t save him. They could help the life of another child through organ donation.. this is a tragic tragic situation, my thoughts, and prayers are with this family

      • Rparks1493

        Kile has a father who is very successful and takes full responsibility for his children. I’m sure Usher will intervene when called upon. Leave Usher alone.

      • Katrina S.

        I agree. And there is never too much pride when it comes to the life of your child. If she needs to ask, she should and if the life support isn’t going to help save the child then its kind of pointless to spend money on something tht isn’t going to help the child. He has a good heart and I am sure this ordeal is eating him up inside. My prayers go out to him and his family.

  • Michelle Joseph

    With all due respect to the Mother and the rest of the family; it is such a sad situation but unfortunately why do you want to keep an 11 year old alive on a machine laying there doing nothing :( RIP dear soul!

    • meek

      its not so easy pullin the pug on yur baby hun put yurself in that womans shoes …and there are such things as miracles for example the infant that was declareddead and the mom went down to the morgue to find he baby alive and kickin

      • Angela Butterfly

        The infant that they found alive and well that you speak of, is in another country that doesnt not have the equipment that we do to see the brain waves and such. The best thing they had was a stethoscope and thats why that child is different.
        This beautiful boy has no hope of waking up and while I do understand this mothers position, keeping him on that machine and pouring money into that machine is not an answer. It wont bring him back. Im sure it is an impossible decision and I wish her , her family and Usher and his family great peace in this time.

    • Lonkei

      My God Michelle how could you say such a thing..There is always hope. His mother needs time to digest all of this. She bore this child into the world and now she may have to bury him. May GODs riches blessings to out to her in helping her deal with the loss of a child. Clearly you do not have children. I kinda understand what you are tying to say, but the timing is all wrong. Pray for her and his soul (if its Gods will), Be Blessed.

    • Nicole

      I agree with you Michelle. My best friend did this for her daughter and gave her organs. Today 4 children are alive thanks to her generosity. It is definitively not a life for this young boy. Do you remember Nicholas Green? I have 3 children and I will do the same thing in that case.

  • cassy

    this is so sad no mother should have to bury a child

  • tashanna

    why are people going on as if this is something out of a movie, this 11 year old boy is real, hes another human being like the rest of us, well all bleed the damm same RED!!
    a mothers love for her child is breath taking, and to hear that your child is brain dead and limited you can do to bring them back must b extremely painful. respect is due and lowe all that selfish talk.

  • Cecilia Ireti

    personally i think its a tad disrespectful how you continuously empahsize how hes his step son im pretty sure usher sees him as his own…..also isnt kiles dad a successful tv producer or has he gone broke all of a sudden its also disrespectful how you barely acknowledge him…..and having to choose life or death for your child has got to be one of the most difficult things ever

  • legallychisis

    My prayers are with the family Tameka the father Usher and all family involved. I found the last sentence quite TASTELESS and TACKY!! Right now foolishness like that is not needed and quite DISGUSTING!!

  • Robert Hessian

    How long has the child been on life support? What about coma arousal therapy? It is not easy but a possibility. Dr. Ted Freeman wrote a book called, “The Catastrophe of Coma: A Way Back”. The frist step is an assessment of the injured person. It was unclear in the article how long it had been since the child’s injury, it read like it might have been only a week. If so then that is quite possibly too soon to be making the declaration of brain death. This is nothing to do with miracles or magic. There is a lot of swelling to the brain after a trauma and this swelling needs to go down before an accurate diagnosis should be made. If the boy is indeed not brain dead but in a deep coma or a vegetative state then the work in Dr. Freeman’s book can help.

    • adam

      Obviously they tried Coma Arousal therapy and none of the techniques work thats how they determine brain death.

  • Lonkei

    Someone needs to challenge this insurance company !!!!

    • guest

      Perhaps someone should start a petition on
      The only thing is anyone know the insurance company, specific individuals the petition should aiming for?

    • jomo

      One can’t put a price on life, a child’s life, have you seen John Q? it real. Health care is ridiculous in cost. Life support requires ICU, another charge. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to sustain a life under these circumstances, thats not including meds. For instance, i’m not talking tylenol. If one is declared brain dead, that means, probally every system in your body isn’t functioning properly, when this happens, there are physical consequences, requiring more meds to counteract everything. Meaning, there are continuous meds for blood pressure, to support the heart, kidneys, temperature, digestive system, everything. The brain is the control center for everything, the brain controls breathing, certain secretions of enzymes, hormones, the production of insuline. Goodness… It’s such a sad situation, and such a difficult decision for a mother to have to make…

  • Sallie lopez.

    First of all I like to say Tameka and Kile my heart goes out you both, but I must speak my mind. Tameka I do not say this with any disrespect. I know just like you know whats happening here. You was the first choice when they try to do you in with that plastic surgery gone bad almost killing you, you were lucky to get out of that marriage alive. As I write this for the second time hope it wil post I will say RUN get as far away from that industrie and occult “(THE BOTH MAN) TO WHICH MR USHER HAS TAKEN AN OATH” and used you son as a blood sacrifice to reach the level of SUPER STARDOM”. Being the fag that he is, he would give up his own mama to stay in this so called Gloryest Lime Light that they have allowed him to bask in at the exspense of an 11 year old boy. he has already sold his sold to the devil. Get out and stay out!!!! Your son Kile will be fine in his next life whith love me…

    • Marcia

      Are you tryin’ to say that Usher first tried to use his wife as a blood sacrifice, it failed and now he’s using his stepson to BECOME a star. Honey, he was a star befor they got married and still is.That’s got to be the dumbest crock of crap I’ve ever heard. A blood sacrifice? You sound like you’re off your meds. Come back down to earth. Why is there always someone talking out their butts about things they obviously know nothing about. Wish the family God’s blessings & mind your own back yard.

  • nisa

    sallie your statement has no purpose, you sound crazy about nothing leave her family alone and let them grieve!! i pray for you and your family tameka and usher

  • Katherine E. Wilson

    Having a 13 yr old son this story has hit me hard… son & I were talking about it yesterday & he asked why Usher doesnt offer to pay for the medical bills & maybe in a moment of clarity I told him that as painful as this is for Usher he knows that in reality Kyle is gone…& offering to prolong the inevitable wouldnt be in anyones best interest….
    I’m not in anyway saying Tameka is wrong for praying for a miracle cuz I’ll be 100% honest…I’d be doing exactly what shes doing…having ur little boy close enough to hug, kiss or even just to sit & look at for hours is a thousand times better than facing a lifetime of never being able to touch his hand or kiss his forehead again…I’d never fault her in any way for wanting to keep her baby boy on life support..thats exactly what I’d be doing to but at the end of the day a million professionals will tell you that the best thing to do would be to let him go…
    To say I’m conflicted is an understatement cuz the more I think about it the more I know Tameka is doing what any mother would do in this circumstance & altho I’m sure its breaking Ushers heart he is doing what he thinks he needs to do also…its a decision that I pray I never have to make & I think everyone needs to realize that until you walk in their shoes you cant criticize their actions…prayers are the only thing anyone can offer to Kyle & his family & I think in this case theres no such thing as too much support…

    • Kesha

      I have children of my own that I would lay my life on the line for with no second thought. The realtiy of the situation is this, GOD’s will must be done. To those of us that aren’t in her shoes, a bit of advice, actively teach your children about GOD and get to know HIM yourself so in the event this ever becomes your reality, you can look past the hurt and find comfort in knowing that if you and your child KNOW GOD, contrary to what you said, you will see them again, hug them again, kiss them on the forehead again. Absent from the body is Present with the Lord, if you KNOW HIM! The only way to deal with life period is with GOD. I pray that GOD’s will be done in Jesus’ name………AMEN.

  • Stout

    Peace and Blessings and a rapid recovery for KYLE

  • Stout


  • Yolonda

    I wish nothing but the best for Tamika, her son,and their entire family. I’m just curious as to how and why media is trying to put the financial burden on Usher??? Yes, he was her husband…but, that’s not his bio-logical son! So, why does everyone assume he should foot the bill…because he’s a celebrity??? He’s not solely responsible… If anything, where’s his real father and shouldn’t he be contributing as well. I do believe however, that Usher will most certainly do the right thing for Tamika and his step-son without the media all up in it! The media needs to get out of his pockets and mind their business!!! This is such a personal tragedy… that doesn’t need to be displayed all over the web! Give this family some darn privacy!!!

    • Mrs. S Welch

      Yolonda! I could not have said it better! This boys life is not in Usher’s hands and if this were different circumstances people would be saying why does Usher feel like he has the right to tell HER son what to do he is not his biological father! However, now that it has been mentioned that if he is not better before the insurance company stops paying Usher needs to pay up. Ridiculous! You said it best where is this young mans biological father why isn’t the spotlight for financial support being put on him and Tameka where it belongs!

  • Ronyi

    Intresting story….. Tamika’s son has been touted as “USHER’S step-son through this whole devestating ordeal…. not bothering to mention that this mother TAMIKA. Tamika’s NAME however can be written when people wish to DEPLORE her for being the woman Usher chose to make his wife. Now there is no RESPECT for the FACT that while Usher name is FRONT and center in the tragic accident of her son. YET…. you are reporting that Usher has not offered up andy $$$ to hep pay medical expenses. I think this story is NOT about USHER…. beyond the fact that this childs mother is no longer married to him…. Prayers for the FAMILY.

  • ms

    and how is this Ushers resposibility ? where is this childs father ?????

  • Prep

    No disrespect but stuff like this happens everyday. But I really hope he or any other person doesn’t get taken off of life support. Yet there are some things that are uncontrollable.

  • Chrissy

    As a child I was hit by a car, brain dead, in a coma. I came out of it. Miracles do happen. I am living proof of that. The family and little boy are in my prayers.

    • Marcia

      How can you be ‘brain dead’ AND ‘in a coma’? They’re two different conditions. Maybe you can go from ‘coma’ to ‘brain dead’. But you can’t be both. And once you’re declared ‘brain dead’ there is NO coming back. Quick! Before your brain starts working again; choose one.

  • Chloe Garrett

    My prayers go up and out. I haven’t abondon hope anything is possible in God’s hands. We can only pray. God has a plan for everyone amd everything! Good bles all of you ! Be blessed

  • Euphrates

    Kile’s biological parents are both paying for the medical fees thru their individual insurance policies. Usher has not been asked to pay anything. I am glad to see him show some dignity by getting rid of the “go hard” attitude regarding the divorce from Tameka. It doesn’t matter what he said/she said—-when you lose a child, it changes your entire thought process.

  • me

    everyone saying Usher needs to pay up, lets remember that money will not save his son if he his still brain dead…there has been zero brain activity since the accident and unfortunately theres not much u can do when that happens…to bring money into it when user and tameka should be mourning his accident and celebrating the life he had is unfair to everyone involved…this is an incredibly sad accident and blaming user for not paying more is ignorant…theres a reason she hasnt asked him for it and im sure its bc she knows money is not the answer…let them greive in peace..

  • Naynay Tallie

    I pray that God put his arms around this family and see them through the storm I’ve come really close to loosing my son. It was the hardiest time in my life I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone so sorry and your family is in my prayers