R. Kelly Goes Crazy, Broadway-Style In “Feelin’ Single” Video

R. Kelly is a man who knows he shouldn’t be taken too seriously — his autobiography is named Soulacoaster: The Diary After Me, for crying out loud! And for his video for Write Me Back‘s “Feelin’ Single”, the R&B star turns what could have been a generic night-on-the-town narrative into a wonderfully ridiculous stage spectacular.

The video begins with Kelly either singing along to his single as an off-screen fan blows his scarf in the breeze, or sulking as he relives moments shared with his lady at the club through photos snapped on his phone. But those scenes are just bookends for the real noteworthy section of the clip that comes halfway through, when Kelly interrupts his own song for a 40s Broadway-style interlude, complete with snazzy choreography and costumes that could have been lifted from the wardrobe at Chicago. It’s totally over-the-top, and we love it. Now we just want to see Gary Oldman give it a dramatic do-over.