No Doubt Reunite In Their “Settle Down” Video

Jul 16th, 2012 // 9 Comments
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No Doubt To Perform
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No Doubt haven’t teamed up to release a new album in over a decade, nor have they performed together since their 2009 live tour, so their video for new single “Settle Down” is a reunion of sorts: in the clip (which premiered Monday July 16 on E!), each bandmate drives a distinctly decorated truck from all different parts around the globe, meeting up once again to perform a kick-ass show for their family, friends and fans. There’s also some moshing and some line dancing, as every good video should have equal parts of both. All in all, it’s great to have the gang together again!

The clip was directed by Sophie Muller, who previously helmed the band’s videos for “Don’t Speak”, “Simple Kind Of Live”, “Bathwater” and “Underneath It All”. (She also directed several videos, such as “Cool” and “Early Winter”, for tracks off Gwen Stefani‘s solo albums).

The band will perform “Settle Down” this Sunday at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. Their sixth studio album, Push And Shove, will drop September 25.

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  1. xSushi

    That was cute… totally chill out music. It’ll be a good addition to my poop party tracks :P

  2. xSushi

    pool* party hahaha

  3. jordi

    they rushed the video. the song is amazing though.

  4. What Happened

    Terrible. The song is awful, sounds like some leftover tracks from the Rock Steady CD. Really it took 10 years to come up with that? The last 1:22 put me to SLEEP literally.


      Great misuse of the word “literally.”

      • Lucie

        It could be true that they did actually fall asleep. It’s quite possible with this banal piece of background noise. I am disappointed. The product placement is cringeworthy too. Could they possibly sell out any more?

  5. Lucie


  6. Brian

    Awful. And I was a fan.

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