Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’: Album Review

Jul 17th, 2012 // 10 Comments
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  1. ulises haro

    this is an amazing album, well-deserved 5 stars
    and this review is easily the most accurate I have read, GREAT JOB!

  2. Dustin Farmer

    Amazing review for an amazing album. I believe this is the album of the year as well, and I normally wouldn’t make that call in July. Music can always be good, but when it tugs on your heart and makes you feel something… it’s great.

  3. Matilda


  4. THE BEST ALBUM OF 2012!!!
    I’m in love with it too.
    You noticed right – best listened to with headphones alone.
    No words – just emotions.
    His gay-story is like mine. Beautiful broken heart…
    Perfect album review.
    Thank you!

  5. Good review, but Earl Sweatshirt, on “Super Rich Kids,” actually says “We are the Xan-y GNASHING, CADDY smashing…” as a reference to popping Xanax and smashing Cadillacs.

  6. Jordan

    Read my review of Frank Ocean’s debut album on my blog here. It’s located under the New Music Reviews section . . . my blog features my specially selected ‘song of the week’ which gets updated every Sunday. It also has a book review section . . .

  7. KLo

    Love the entire album~

    It’s funny because you mentioned that it’s best listened to when you’re alone or in a cathedral…. I listened to it for the first time… alone, sitting by the pool while the sunset. It was a mad real moment….. the openness, the honesty, the RELATABLENESS! I felt like I had been cleansed in the waters of Lake Menatonka. Yes indeed, Frank Ocean is the ishhhhh!

  8. JOJO

    Chill out with the LDR comparisons. Both records I enjoy equally for that same reason you mentioned. The songwriting on both, while from different perspectives, captures love and dreams deferred like no other records have done this year. The more people I introduce to LDR fall in love with her (and these are hip hop/R&B heads). Let them both shine!

  9. jeffort23

    Channel Orange is a monument of an album, not because or in spite of Ocean’s confession, but alongside it.

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