You Be The Judge: Jacob Latimore’s “You Come First”

jacob latimore
What Do You Think Of Jacob Latimore?
We come across new artists each and every day, but sometimes we’re undecided whether a particular act is worth making a fuss over. So with You Be The Judge, we’re leaving it up to our readers whether we should keep tabs on a rising artist, or leave their tunes behind — or at least let them stew a bit longer before we give them another chance.

We first came upon Jacob Latimore back in 2010, when the then-13-year-old singer dropped his catchy, poppy single “Like ‘Em All”, the video complete with a colorful, age-appropriate comic strip theme. One year and a major image overhaul later, “Like ‘Em All” was re-released as a slow jam R&B tune, with a much more adult video (despite the fact it took place in a roller rink instead of a club). Jacob might not be “hot, ready, legal” quite yet — he turns 16 in August — but his flirtatious, playboy persona gets kicked up a notch further in his new video for “You Come First”. (Double entendre very much intended, we’re sure.)

Now that Jacob has gotten a bit older and is obviously shadowing the careers of other singing/dancing R&B acts like Usher and Chris Brown, does he have the goods to become a hit? Or is he still a few years off from owning the sex symbol status his label obviously wants him to have? Watch his new video above, then vote in our poll below to let us know if you want us to keep Jacob on our radar.Tell us – is Jacob Latimore worth keeping an eye on?


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  • HumbertHumbert

    16!? Between the big fuss over Bieber, boy bands, and 50 shades of Gray, Im beginning to think that women are going into sexual overdrive. Soon, being a pedo will just be considered a fetish lol!

  • Areaonna D.

    In my opinion , Jacob Latimore’s fans will always love him . I don’t think he’ll fall off any time soon . He uses his god-given talent to make music that has no age limit .

  • Tiffany Polk

    Jacob Latimore, for his age is very advanced and has a very unique stage presence. At only 15 he is respected as a performer and is given props by many idolized stars. Yes, he’s grown up and it’s time he showed the world that the little boy Jake has grown into a handsome young man. Also seeing him in concert is like Christmas day! The surprises this kid pulls out on stage is amazing and he’s appealing to ALL AGES. Over all, Jacob Latimore is a legend in the making.

  • iamCOURTeninja

    i love jacob & his music and support him but personally i think the message of this song is too mature. even if it isn’t the way some people take it, i think it’s too sexual, especially for his age and being a Christian. i like this new sound though, i just think he needs better lyrics.

    • JewelForLife

      Are his lyrics really sexual? Or is it YOU who is doing the dirty thinking here? He said himself that his lyrics weren’t meant to be dirty in any way. He was raised better than that. He’s clearly talking about putting the girl first in the relationship. I’m a fan for life so I’m going to defend him no matter what. Especially against misunderstandings.

      • iamCOURTeninja

        @JewelForLife they do sound sexual, there is no saying that they don’t but thanks for the response :) i didn’t know that he said himself that they weren’t meant to be dirty. i just saw a post on tumblr about what he said and i came back here to take down my comment. idk i can though, because I’m signed in as a guest.

        • JewelForLife

          Yeah I’ll admit they do sound sexual but it’s misunderstood. Yeah it’s cool though. I’m sorry I’m just tired of people thinking of this sound in a negative way when it’s innocent lol.

          • iamCOURTeninja

            it’s okay, it’s good that people are willing to stand up for him. and yeah, i understand. it’s a risk that they took when choosing this song. as long as he doesn’t view it that way i won’t either :)

  • Support His Progression

    The only thing that really matters is that, if he loves his music so will his fans. Don’t judge an artist right at the beginning of his/her career let them find what best works for them. Instead of saying he’s shadowing Chris and Usher give him time to make his on mark in the industry. Jacob is a legend in the making. I’ve witnessed him perform live, it was truly incredible.

  • Gabbey

    I think it’s was great and the girl in the video is real lucky that’s all I have to say!!!!!